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Closed Joint-Stock Company «The Republican Chamber of Entrepreneurs» was founded in 1998. Nikolaev Valery Nikolaevich is the head of the company since 1998 to the present day.

CJSC «The Republican Chamber of Entrepreneurs» is developing, producing and introducing innovative composite materials from basalt plastic, that have not the similar in the Russian market.
General manager Nikolaev Valery Nikolaevich coordinates the work of the company, sets tasks, manages of projects, ensures fulfillment of obligations to budgets of different levels, customers and creditors, organizes the production and economic activities of the enterprise. He has a higher chemical education and many years of experience in the chemical production (OJSC «Khimprom»). He is the initiator of ideas for new products in various branches of industry. He takes a direct part in the process of developing, creating and promoting new products.

The total work experience of Valery Nikolaevich is more than 40 years.

In 2002, among the best representatives of business, Valery Nikolaevich was selected to participate in the Special Business Internship Program «Commercialisation of Technologies: Plastics.»

In 2012, Nikolaev V. N. was included in the number of leaders innovative economy of Russia 2012 TOP 100.

Since the 2014 «The Republican Chamber of Entrepreneurs» is doing scientific, research and developmental works in the branch of composite materials.

In July 2017 CJSC «The Republican Chamber of Entrepreneurs» mastered the production of flexible connection «Zigzag» of the trademark «SIREP». It is made of composite material for panels of house-building instead of similar connections of stainless steel. The products are manufactured on own equipment and on technologies that have patent protection.

Nikolaev Valery Nikolaevich is awarded by state awards and diplomas:

  • «Meritorious Industry Worker of Chuvash Republic». This award is for merits in the branch of industry and for many years of conscientious work. (2012)
  • «Golden Fund of Entrepreneurship of Russia». It is for high social responsibility and contribution to the development of the institution of socially responsible business in Russia. (2007)
  • The Commendation of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Chuvash Republic «For active work on creating a positive image of small business» (2007)
  • Diploma of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Chuvash Republic «The Best Inventor of the Chuvash Republic» in the nomination «Industry», 1st place (2006)
  • Diploma of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Chuvash Republic «The Best Entrepreneur of Chuvashia-2005» in the nomination «The Best Small Enterprise of the Year» (2006)
  • Award of the International Conference «Pultruder of the Year» (USA, Baltimore 2009)
  • He was awarded the title of «Meritorious Entrepreneur» of the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship (2008)
  • Certificate of the Ministry of Trade of the United States of America about the successful completion of commercialization courses in plastic. Diploma of the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship for the successful implementation of innovative business projects (2002).

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