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Facade dowels with screw anchor SIREP

CJSC «The Republican Chamber of Entrepreneurs» produces and sells facade dowels with screw anchor made of composite materials. The enterprise has own production facilities, uses patented equipment and own design technology.


Facade dowels with screw anchor SIREP™ FDS are used for anchoring the thermal insulating layer to the groundwork of gas concrete for the building-up of various types hinged facade systems. Including, the hinged facade of a «wet» type with a thin layer of grout.


Facade dowels with screw anchor SIREP™ FDS consist of two parts:
  • Anchoring element — the anchor of polyamide with screw coiling on external diameter on a rod with a diameter of 6 mm made of a composite material.
  • The clamp — a disk element made of impact-resistant polyamide with an internal thread.


Length of dowel, mm

from 100 to 260

Diameter of rod, mm


Length of anchor, mm


Length of the disk element, mm


Strength of adhesion with a groundwork material (gas concrete), kH

not less than 0,1


FDS 110−50,
FDS — facade dowels with screw anchor;
110 — the length of dowel, mm;
50 — the thickness of the thermal insulating, mm.


Length of dowel form on formula: L= 60+T, L — length of dowel, mm; 60 — depth of the anchor, mm;
T — the thickness of the thermal insulating, mm.

Sequence of assembly

  1. On the gas concrete wall mark the place of drilling holes, according to scheme fastening of the thermal insulating.
  2. Drill holes diameter 10 mm, depth 70 mm.
  3. Blow holes for delete dust.
  4. Assemble anchoring elements to the holes (of the end with polyamide bush and screw coiling).
  5. Spin the anchoring element to the bitter end.
  6. Pin the thermal insulation layer.
  7. Set clamps on the rod, spin and press to the thermal insulating layer tightly.



The use of strong composite materials augments the reliability of the structure.

Low heat conductance

Composite materials have a low heat conductance and do not create thermal bridges between the building wall and the external environment.

Freezing resistance

Plastic disk element of dowel lets you to conduct installation works at low temperatures.

Rigidity and impact resistance

The disk element of the dowel is made from impact resistance polyamide. It reduces possibility creating effect «everted umbrella» and destruction of external thermal insulation and allows to reduce number of broken dowels.

Stably high force of pulling

Uniq design of dowel secures the high force of pulling out of different building groundworks.

Corrosion and chemical resistance

Using of composite materials are excepted possibility appearing rusty stains on a wall. Dowel saves physical and mechanical properties in alkaline, warm and wet environment.

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